How To Relieve Male Cat In Heat? (Cat Owner Must Know)

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What Signs That Male Cat In Heat?

Male cats estrus, often rushing to the heights to show their height and strength, revealing the private parts have been called, yelling, looking at the owner with a look of expectation and excitement. The appetite is reduced, and more energy is devoted to the matter of mating. The mood becomes irritable and does not listen to discipline.
In the face of male cat estrus, mastering effective mitigation methods is the key to solving.

How To Relieve Male Cat In Heat? - 4 Tips below.

1. The owners appease

When a male cat is in estrus, he will lick his private parts many times and keep it clean. If the cat's mood is not impatient and does not resist the owner's touch, in the first smuggling place, you can gently touch with the palm of your hand, the cat is easy to accept, and will be solved in a while. This method does not apply to every owner and every male cat. There are certain side effects. The cat will see some changes in the eyes of the owner in the future, and will also rely on the owner.

2. Let it go to mating

The estrus of a male cat is not without reason. It must be smelled and screamed by the estrus of the surrounding estrus cat. The owner can bring a male cat to find a suitable female cat to meet the needs of the male cat. But the best way is to sterilize the cat after 7 months of age.

3. Feeding and transferring food to alleviate the current problem

During the male cat estrus, the cat owner can also feed the male cat with the transferred food to solve the problem at hand. In particular, some male cats have a strong estrus, which can hurt people to bite, run away, pee everywhere, no transfer does not inhibit there is no way to stabilize the cat. Appropriate addition of a whispering ban on the feeding can solve the problem without affecting the normal next estrus.

4. Sterilization solves permanent problems

Sterilization is a method chosen by many cat friends and may not be suitable for all male cats. In particular, some cats are physically weak and weak, and they may die on the operating table. They have lost their lives and are worthless. So the need to be sterilized needs to consider the risks and do better.
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